Blow Moulding machine model he750/m – POLAND

Blow Moulding machine model he750/m – POLAND

Meccanoplastica is happy to inform that is recently gone successfully through a FAT (Final Acceptance Test) of a single station FULL ELECTRIC Blow Moulding machine model HE750/M properly equipped with N°2 Extruders diam. 90 mm. + N°2 SINGLE-parison extrusion head + N°1 DOUBLE-cavities mould.

Manufactured for an Italian company, which produce TECHNICAL PARTS in his Polish branch close to the end-user assembling Factory, the sale of this EBM machine it’s an important news for our Group because this is a SPECIAL machine ideal to produce water-collector tanks for DRYER, a large-use unit present in several house to dry clothes.

This Tank for Dryer produced it is a rectangular-shape (NET weight 570 gr.) HDPE technical part.

The HE750/M full electric machine (carriage stroke 750 mm – Power Clamping force 30 Tons – Up to 30 Lit. as max volume) successfully faced the test, making a good quality bottles with the following OUTPUT/HOUR = approx. 160 pieces/hour



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