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UP TO 250 ML

The JET series is unique in its kind on the Injection-Blow Moulding machinery sector.

Meccanoplastica was the first firm on global markets to make this kind of machinery, featuring fully electric movements.

This is why the models of the JET series (JET55 – JET55/L – JET120)  are ideal for applications where you need to ensure there are no polluting agents when the container is made, thereby also ensuring considerable energy savings.

Therefore, the JET series is suitable for production purposes in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector.  Suitable to make small bottles with a volume capacity from 5ml to 250ml and with variants in relation to the areas where the moulds are placed with a varying number of cavities.

Injection Blow Moulding and Injection Blow Molding - JET55L


50-ton mould clamping (injection) force + 5-ton mould-clamping (blowing) force



75-ton mould clamping (injection) force + 10-ton mould-clamping (blowing) force

JInjection Blow Moulding and Injection Blow Molding - JET120


100-ton mould clamping (injection) force + 20-ton mould- clamping (blowing) force