Plastic packaging production machinery,
offering cutting-edge technology to a crucial industry

Behind every kind of packaging (especially containers and bottles) lies a whole world: the world of plastic packaging production machinery. Italy, together with the United States and Germany, plays a leading role in the manufacture of these technology solutions, whose particular importance lies in their widespread use in various industries (from food to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics to electronics).

What end users need, first and foremost then, is versatility and production speed, which every manufacturer of plastic packaging production machines is well aware of.

The first machines for producing plastic packaging date back to the 1950s and 1960s, when plastics began to emerge as a reliable, economical alternative to conventional materials. However, over recent decades technology has made giant strides, thanks to innovations in automation, robotics, and digitalisation.

Modern machines for the production of plastic packaging feature a high degree of automation, which rationalises the production process, makes it safer and increasing efficiency.

Digital applications then allow greater supervision in all stages of production, in addition to  greater precision and safety of the end product, which is crucial given that the containers will be used to hold food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or household care products. Computer-based monitoring systems allow users to keep track of production parameters in real time, as well as to spot and correct non-compliances and optimise overall performance.

As a result of this combined technology today, modern machines for producing plastic packaging reach high productivity standards that are aligned with the demands of large businesses.

Over recent years, growing awareness of sustainability issues has encouraged the plastic packaging industry to seek more environmentally responsible solutions. Modern machines can work with a wide range of plastics, including biopolymers and recycled materials, contributing to lowering environmental impact. Not only that, some machines can also produce lighter packaging, which means less material  is used and the overall weight of the end product is lower. Last but not least, many companies have created fully electric-powered machines, which also contribute significantly to reducing energy usage.

Explore the entire range of Meccanoplastica machines for the production of plastic packaging, including extrusion blow-moulding, injection blow-moulding, and stretch blow-moulding solutions, which are all efficient, fast, safe, and technologically advanced.