19 October 2022 – K, Dusseldorf

Meccanoplastica Group introduces itself at the first K fair post pandemic with a completely renewed image.

A new face, which does not betrays tradition, but offers it freshness and launch it into the future, because this is the goal of Meccanoplastica for the K fair and for 2023: to continue to innovate its 3 production lines – EBM, IBM, SBM machinery – but with the care and precision of the philosophy of Made in Italy “tailor-made” manufacturers.

The new communication starts from the brand: four bars broken along the diagonal that form a two-tone square.

The corners opposite the diagonal rounded to recall the shapes of plastic products.

A lettering designed ad hoc with a broken O that follows the diagonal of the brand.

A lettering designed ad hoc with a broken O that follows the diagonal of the brand.

The link with the past is given by the colors, while the novelty is the choice of a flat and essential style, which adapts to communication on mobile devices, the prevailing means for communication via social media, which Meccanoplastica relaunches with a revision of the youtube channel and the Linkedin page.

“The new image that we present today is for us a symbol of the dynamic change we are bringing to the Company: innovating and improving, while remaining faithful to their “traditional heritage”, remaining passionate people who give their best in order to build quality technological solutions, which last over time”.

The renewal also passes through the site, which acquires a new graphic layout and is enriched with a section dedicated to applications, to present the flexibility of Meccanoplastica machines in the creation of plastic objects. The site also introduces an in-depth analysis of Meccanoplastica’s vision and its attention to the environment and sustainability, an increasingly central theme in the group’s evolution.

The Group, after having participated for the first time this year at the HISPACK Fairs in Barcelona (= presenting an innovative FULL ELECTRIC two-stage ironing blow moulding system, for the production of high-cadence PET bottles); and at the DRINKTEC Fair in Munich, it will conclude its 2022 trade fair commitment at the K in Düsseldorf, the main showcase of the plastics and rubber sector at an international level.

On this occasion Meccanoplastica will present a new double-station Extrusion Blow Moulding FULL ELECTRIC Machine, 16 Tons of Mould clamping power (850 mm. carriage-stroke) with a consumption of just 0.25KW/Kg of processed HDPE. Suitably equipped for the production of FOOD containers in multi-cavity configuration, for very high production performance.

The main novelty of 2022 at Meccanoplastica – at a technological level – is the presentation of the JET75-4, a full electric 4-station Injection Blow Moulding machine, which joins the traditional range of IBM 3-station units of the JET series.

This machine model is specifically versatile for the use of resins such as polyolefins (PE and PP) and harder resins such as PET – PETG and NYLON, of high use in the first-class COSMETIC sector. Therefore, it is aimed above all at manufacturers in this sector who have to make packaging for items such as mascara, lip gloss, etc.

Meccanoplastica Group:
– sito internet: www.meccanoplastica-group.com/
– pagine Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/meccanoplastica/

– profilo Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/Meccanoplasticagroup